Minimum Technology Requirements


Below are the minimum technical requirements for accessing online courses using the Desire2Learn (D2L) online learning management system at Sacramento City College.

Our college Academic Computing Labs meet or exceed these requirements, and Instructional Assistants are available in each lab to assist with basic academic computing functions, such as using D2L, Microsoft Office applications, or other specialized/required software.

More information about how to use D2L is available on the Los Rios D2L Resources site. If you would like to test out the D2L learning environment, you may explore our free D2L Sample Class at any time.

Internet Connection Speed

A broadband connection to the Internet is recommended in order to avoid problems with course content loading on your computer in a timely manner.  While dial-up, satellite, or cellular data connections will work with D2L, you may experience significant usability issues, depending on the content of your course.  For example, if your instructor has added audio, video, or image resources into your D2L class environment, this could cause major delays or problems downloading the content to your computer.

Operating System

Desire2Learn is a web-based system which does not require installation on your local computer in order to run.  Therefore, D2L is fully certified to work with Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7) and Macintosh (OS-X) operating systems.  Depending on how your system is configured, certain plug-ins (free software add-ons) may be required.  These will be identified during the system check process, or an individual instructor may require use of software plug-ins (such as Quicktime or Adobe Flash Player) in order to access course content.


The D2L system requires a computer with an Internet connection and compatible web browser.  Internet browsers are the software that is used to access websites.  Most systems are already compatible.  To try a quick “system check” now, simply click on this link to see if your browser is compatible with D2L.

The fully supported browsers for D2L are:

Firefox (recommended): (also
Internet Explorer:

Firefox (recommended): (also

Note for users of mobile devices or other browsers: Mobile browsers or those not listed above are not currently certified for use with D2L.  This means that browsers not listed above may not be completely free from producing unanticipated errors for you, although they may work much of the time.  For the optimum experience, we recommend using the fully supported browsers listed above.


The design of an online course may require students to watch or listen to presentations, save files to the local computer, or print documents.  The following peripherals are recommended:

  • Sound card / computer speakers or headphones
  • Monitor at least 15″ in size
  • Available USB port (for saving to a portable USB drive)
  • Printer (recommended)

Recommended Software

Many online courses will require that assignments be completed using word processing, presentation, or other office productivity software.  Students typically need to be able to create files in standard Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) formats.  Free tools, such as OpenOffice or Google Docs can create files which can be saved in these various formats.  The SCC College Store also makes software available for purchase to students in a reduced-price Academic Version.  (Note: All Los Rios students have access Google Apps for Education, which includes Google Docs, by logging in with their student ID and Los Rios network password at:  Google Docs also provides file storage and document sharing capability through this service agreement with Los Rios.)

Other commonly used software in online courses:
Adobe Reader (free to download)
Adobe Flash Player (free to download)


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