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Courses are offered via the Internet, using web-based software called Desire2Learn. Online instructors use a variety of teaching approaches and assignments just as they do in face-to-face classes. Most classes are asynchronous, meaning there are no regular meeting times required. (Note: Some courses require in-person orientation and in-person exams. Varies by course, check with instructor.)  If classes require regular meeting times (either online or for orientations and exams) these will be posted with the course information in the online class schedule.

On-Campus / Online Hybrid

The perfect blend of in-person and online instruction. Hybrid classes have a portion of the course taught in the classroom and a portion of the course work completed online using Desire2Learn. The number of hours taught in person versus online varies by course. The regular meeting times for the classroom-based portion will always be listed with the course information in the online class schedule.

Streaming Online / Interactive TV –

Classes are broadcast live over the Internet and on local cable television from the Learning Resource Center, and are also archived online for later review over the web. This option allows students to attend the class on campus, view the class from off-campus , or access the archived video streams of the course. (We recommend students test their streaming internet connection before enrolling if you plan to view the course using this method.)  Students viewing remote can participate in the class or ask questions at any time via telephone conferencing technology.

Televised/Video Rental Courses

A series of pre-recorded television programs broadcast over local cable television, viewed from home, by video at the Instructional Media counter, or by rental DVDs. These courses are guided by SCC faculty and require in-person meetings in conjunction with review of the pre-recorded videos. (Meetings vary by course.)

Is Distance Education Right for You?

To help ensure your success in an online course, we have prepared some resources to help you determine whether distance education courses are a good match for your learning style.  Check out some of our surveys to assess your learning style and find out if we have a mode that fits your needs. Then pick the courses that fit your style.

Quality of Courses

All of our DE courses are approved for presentation through each DE mode by the Sacramento City College Curriculum Committee to ensure equivalent learning experience and academic rigor. Our Student Code of Conduct applies to all our DE courses.


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