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Distance and Online Education at SCC


Distance Education at SCC (also referred to as “DE”) offers learning opportunities outside or combined with the classroom, depending on the educational modality (see Distance Education Options below).  By using technology to bridge the gap of time and distance between students and their instructor,  students can earn college credits with fewer visits to campus.

Our DE courses are designed to help students advance their academic goals with a rigorous and challenging educational experience. Sacramento City College is committed to giving our DE students the same individual support, academic standards and experienced faculty found in our physical classrooms – plus the freedom to choose your learning mode.

Is Distance Education Right for You?

To help ensure your success in an online course, we have prepared some resources to help you determine whether distance education courses are a good match for your learning style.  Check out some of our surveys to assess your learning style and find out if we have a mode that fits your needs. Then pick the courses that fit your style.

Quality of Courses

All of our DE courses are approved for presentation through each DE mode by the Sacramento City College Curriculum Committee to ensure equivalent learning experience and academic rigor. Our Student Code of Conduct applies to all our DE courses.

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