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Developing and Teaching a Distance Education Class

Sacramento City College is dedicated to providing our distance education faculty with training and development opportunities that help faculty create robust, interactive courses. To that end, guidelines and best practices are available to guide instructional design of distance education courses.

Distance Education and Instructional Development Support Staff

The following individuals are available for individual consulting, flex workshops, or department-specific workshops regarding distance education and educational technology:

  • Daniel Gilbert-Valencia, Instructional Development Coordinator
    gilberd2@scc.losrios.edu | (916) 558-2637
  • David Martin, Educational Media Design Specialist
    martind@scc.losrios.edu | (916) 650-2726
  • Dr. Jory Hadsell, Distance Education Coordinator
    hadselj@scc.losrios.edu | (916) 558-2635

Desire2Learn Training and additional information for Faculty:

Visit the Learning Management System Support site at http://media.scc.losrios.edu/d2l/v10/index.html for more information about upcoming workshops, online training tutorials, current support issues, and more.
Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • It is recommended that you have already taught the class for at least one semester in the traditional classroom setting and have refined the instructional design before adding a distance education modality.
  • SCC offers an Online Institute to help you acquire the necessary technical and pedagogical skills to convert your courses to a Distance Ed mode.
  • Consider what activities, presentations, multimedia materials, assignments, have helped students learn, and how you can adapt them to a DE mode.
  • Search for ready made support materials for a DE mode that are already available through your textbook publisher. Utilize the features that work with your instructional plan and learning objectives.
  • Check with the Instructional Development Coordinator for more ideas on using multimedia resources on the web to enhance class activities.

Copyright, Fair Use, and Intellectual Property Rights

Here are some electronic references that address fair use of copyrighted materials for Distance Education courses.
The TEACH Act , signed into law in 2002 addresses the new areas of copyright use created by the increase in distance education modes. For more information or questions about copyright issues in distance education, contact Alex Adan, Media Resources Supervisor (x2215) or David Martin, Educational Media Design Specialist (x2726).

Distance Education Course Curriculum Review

The Distance Education Curriculum Subcommittee works with you to ensure that distance ed courses meet all Title 5 Distance Education requirements as well as provide the same learning outcomes with the traditional face-to-face course. For assistance with DE course development, contact Jory Hadsell, Distance Education Coordinator (x2635).

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