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Text Messaging Students Using the “Notifications” Tool

Encourage your students to set up Notifications!

Now, they can receive text messages any time a News item is edited or a new one is added. The Notifications feature in D2L gives students the option to receive notifications about other activities in their courses as well. These reminders are extremely valuable to them so that they don’t lose track of class activites or forget to login to their courses. To subscribe to notification sources, they can add their cell phone number, specify the time for daily course summaries, and identify courses you do not want to receive notifications for. They can simply click on the Notifications icon (looks like a gear) to make these changes. The icon can be found under My Settings on the My Home page and under the News heading on your Course Home pages.

Setting Up Notifications in D2L

From the My Home page, click on the Notifications icon to open the Notifications setting page.

OR, Click on the Notifications icon under the News heading.

Then you will have choices when the Notifications settings page opens. Read about the Notifications settings and what they do below the picture.

Contact Methods

A user’s Los Rios email address is the default. You can change the email settings to a different system email or a custom email address.

You can also register a mobile number to receive text-message notifications via your mobile device. Once you register your mobile device, you will be able to select the maximum number of messages received per day. The options range from 5 to “no limit.”

NOTE: The user is responsible for all charges resulting from receipt of text messages from the D2L system. Check with your cell phone service provider to understand your cell phone text messaging plan.

Summary of Activity

There are two options – never or daily. A time for this summary must be specified when “daily” is selected.

Instant Notifications

Discussions: You can choose to receive an email from the D2L system that notifies you of unread discussion messages, however discussion messages cannot be sent directly to a mobile device.

Dropbox and News (update and new) have email and mobile options. Messages regarding changes to these areas are sent as they occur. They will also come through as part of the daily Summary of Activity.

Exclude Some Courses

You can select courses and groups to exclude from your Summary of Activity and/or Instant Notifications.

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