Using Turnitin From Within D2L


Using Turnitin within D2L by Integrating Turntin with the D2L Dropbox

(This is the easiest way for you and your students and is similar to the integration that we used with Blackboard.) The plagiarism-detection service is now fully integrated with the D2L dropbox in each course site.

Step 1:  Create a folder in the Dropbox as usual within your course.

  • Click on Dropbox on the Navigation Bar, then on New Folder.
  • Name the folder and if it is a graded item, create a Gradebook item for it.
  • Click Save.

Step 2: Enable Plagiarism Detection.

  • On the Properties tab for a dropbox folder, there is a checkbox immediately underneath the folder name labeled Plagiarism Detection.Dropbox turnitin Window
  • Turning this option on means documents submitted to this folder will be checked for plagiarism as if the student or instructor had submitted it directly to

Step 3:  Choosing Options

  • The instructor can decide whether to show the Originality Report to students and whether to make the process automatic for all submissions or selectively.
  • The bottom of the Properties tab includes a section “Plagiarism Detection Options” if the Plagiarism Detection option is checked.

Step 4: Viewing Originality Reports:

  • When a student submits to the Dropbox with Plagiarism Detection enabled, their file is submitted automatically to
  •  Within a few minutes of the submission, the Originality Reports are sent back to D2L and can be viewed by the instructor in the Dropbox area.
    • Once a report finishes processing, the folder list will show a color-coded label showing the percentage of plagiarized text in that document
  • If the instructor enables students to see the reports, the Originality Report is visible to them in the same place where they uploaded their files.
  • For more information about how to view and interpret originality reports, review this resource.
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