Submitting Papers Manually to


Submit Student Papers to Yourself Manually

Step 1: You must have an instructor account on the website.

  • Send a request to to request than a TurnItIn account be created.  Please make sure the subject line of the e-mail includes “TurnItIn Account Request.”  You will be notified when your account has been created.

Step 2: Have your students submit their papers to a Dropbox folder in D2L.

Step 3: From the D2L dropbox folder, download the students’ submitted files all at once as a zip file.

  • Click on the folder, the select all the files that have been submitted or search and sort by whatever criteria you wish.
  • Click the green download icon and the system will add each student’s name and the submission date to their file and then create one zip file with all the students’ papers.

  • Save this zip file to your computer.

Step 4:  Login in to the website.

  • Create a course and then an assignment.
  • From within the course you created and the assignment you created, click on Submit Paper.
  • Select zip file from the drop-down menu under “submit papers by”
  • Browse to the zip file on your computer that you downloaded from D2L and select it.  Press Submit.

NOTE:  The zip file can contain up to 1000 individual papers.

  • On the next screen, enter each student’s name in the table.  However, if you don’t do that, the program will still work.  (Since you have the student’s name on the file already, courtesy of D2L which adds that to the file automatically, this isn’t necessary.) See below.
  • Then press Submit.
  • Confirm the files to be submitted, press Submit.

When the originality reports are completed, you can see them and read them on the site (see example below).

Please review this guide for information on how to read and interpret originality reports and scores.

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