Using Respondus to Convert Word Files to D2L Quizzes or Question Pools


Faculty can use the Respondus test generation and software to convert documents created in Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich-Text Format (.rtf) and Text (.txt) formats into D2L quizzes or question pools. These documents may have been created by the instructor or by another source, such as a textbook publisher. The software is available in the Online Teaching Lab, located in LRC-114. Assistance from the COVE staff is available.

How to format the document:

In order to convert one of the above document types into a D2L quiz or question pool, Respondus requires some very basic formatting. This PDF document provides detailed step by step formatting instructions.

The basic format for creating quiz questions for automatic conversion with Respondus software for automatic upload/import into Desire2Learn is as follows:
• ALL lines MUST BE aligned on the left margin.
• Use a period and one space after the number of each question and after the letter of each
answer option.
• There is no extra line between the question stem and the answer options.
• DO NOT use a hard return at the end of a line if it is too long to fit on one line – let the word
wrap be implemented.
• Use a hard return (by pressing the Enter key) at the end of the question stem and at the end
of each answer option.
• DO NOT place a blank line between the questions.
• Place an asterisk before the letter of the correct answer.
See examples below:
1. A cat
a. hangs up side down in caves
b. swims around in an aquarium
*c. is a small furry animal some people keep as a pet
d. is caught in a trap baited with cheese
2. Yellow is one of the primary colors.
*a. True
b. False
3. Complete the following phrase: It’s a _________ world after all.
a. big
*b. small
c. wide
d. hot

You may find it easier to use Word Pad or Note Pad to edit/format your test questions because some word processing programs have automatic formatting implemented and will indent the various line items.  Sometimes this can be difficult to turn off and then it becomes very frustrating to try and line everything up on the left margin. If this is the case, you can use the “Save As” option to save the file as a .txt document.


How to get your questions into the Respondus software:

Once you have saved the Word file (.doc) or the .txt file with the indicated format, you can
open it with the Respondus program.
From the File menu, select the Preferences option to choose if you want answers to be
randomized within the question (for multiple choice questions).

From the Start Tab
• Select the Import Questions option
• From the dropdown menu select related file type (Word or Plain Text)
• Browse for the file and select it
• Provide a name for the new file that will be created
• Place a checkmark in the “Use stem plus question number..” box and provide stem
(such as ch01-)
• Click on the Preview button
• If there are no errors, click on the Finish button
From the Edit Tab
• You may add more questions or Preview current questions one at a time
From the Settings Tab
• You can set various configurations for Properties, Restrictions, Attempts,
Submissions, Layout and Answer numbering by clicking on the options on the right
side of this screen
From the Preview and Publish TabTHIS IS IMPORTANT
• Click on the Preview the File button and use the navigation arrows to proof how
questions will appear to students
• Use the Modify Item button to make any changes at this time.
• Use the Close button to return to the Preview and Publish screen

How to Save the Respondus File :

• From the Save D2L Export File option, click on the Save As button.

How to upload the Respondus file into your D2L class:

o Log into your D2L course
o Select Edit Course >> Import/Export/Copy Components
o Choose Import Components “from a File”
o Browse to find the .zip file you saved from Respondus
o Click Next >> Next after the processing step is completed
o Select All Components to Import and click Next
o Wait for processing to complete – your test is now ready for you to use.
o You may copy these questions by Importing them into the Question Library

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