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This page contains links to sample widgets for D2L, which can be modified by a course instructor.  These widgets can be placed on the D2L Course Home page.

1.  Graphic Banner for Course (560×170 pixel image)
This can be used as a JPG, PNG or GIF image. There are two Powerpoint files for starter course banners. These files have custom page sizes and you can edit the text, place different images or clipart and save the file. To make the banner graphic, just use File > Save As Pictures and look for a file named Slide 1.jpg. Rename this file to reflect the course banner, and insert the image file into a new widget.

2.  Instructor “Contact Me” Widget
This is an interactive Adobe Acrobate PDF form.  Enter your contact information, then copy the embed code provided in the form.  Adobe Reader is required in order to use this form.

3.  Twitter Widget
Instructors can use the SCC Twitter Widget Template to display the feed from their Twitter account inside a D2L widget.   A Twitter account is required.

First, open the SCC Twitter Widget Template (text file) and copy the text to your computer’s clipboard (Ctrl+C)

Then, watch this brief tutorial which demonstrates how to create the widget and embed your Twitter feed.

Tip:  Be sure to paste the widget into D2L’s text editor using the “HTML editor” mode (icon on the lower left of the text editor).  We show you how in the video.


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